About Us

VOAO hats are solid and made with durable construction. We are the brand of uniqueness; if you're looking to be unique or stand out, with over 20 different color hats, the sky's the limit!
We are a celebration of color; VOAO hats are embroidered with the finest threads and hues. The VOAO sweatshirts and Tees are customized in color combinations easily paired with one of our signature VOAO Performance Hats.

Wear Our VOAO! We Wear Our Voice!

Our mission, vision, and corporate values connect, leaving a colorful, vibrant, conscious, and high-quality product—our passionate community of civic-minded fashion ambassadors wearing their VOAO. We are a place where civic commitment meets street fashion.

VOAO Hat started as a grassroots campaign- a commitment to Vote Our A** Off (VOAO pronounced VOW) and spread the word amongst first-time voters for unprecedented voter registration with follow through to completed victory at the polls. 

We are an authentic brand with bold conscious statements of our truth. We are coming from a real place within. It is a place where our corporate culture, actions, and words are congruent and demonstrate our beliefs and values.
We are just ourselves, not an imitation of what we think we should be or told we should be.
Our brand and culture are intertwined.